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You'd only make the softest sound,
like sugar pouring into tea.
Darling let your Self pour down
and dissolve into the Love
who revealed himself there quietly to me...

(Jesus have mercy on us.)


I opened like a locket,
"If you're ever cold," I wrote,
"there's warmth inside me.
I'm the pocket of an old winter coat."
But where she used to say "I need you."
Now...."I don't."


We're two white roses lying frozen just outside his door
I've made you so happy and so sad, But which should I be more sorry for?


We never met, you and I
We were always inside, we were somewhere inside
one another. And I'll live without you love,
but what good is one glove, without the other?


When you laugh you'll feel my breath there filling up your lungs. And when you cry, those aren't your tears but I'm there falling down your cheek.

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