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Eh Krew,

just got back into this deal. Had a little trip to the states last year, so the majority of work comin' through will be my trip shots.

Thanks for bein' curious enuff to check out my profile.

Hope you dig my images.


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  • Daniela Stefanut 09/06/2007 18:59

    tank's for your comment:P..i'm glad that you have decoded the message :)) regards, Dana
  • When 10/09/2005 17:03

    Hi. Welcome to FC. Really enjoyed your portfolio, like your style and will be looking for more.
  • Robert L. Roux 12/07/2005 6:36

    Thank you for looking at my pics - and your comments!
    To see the beauty of your part of the world, have a look at John Moore's photos... I'd love to see the Outback in person.
    Oz is a spectacular place.
    Greetings from a little to the north - R
  • Liz M 03/07/2005 12:43

    Yes thankyou! but i dont think that my work it anything special.
    your form Oz too, where abouts?
  • Liz M 02/07/2005 12:23

    Hi Matt
    Haha! your modest i see about your own thoughts of your work.
  • Liz M 02/07/2005 11:34

    Hi Matt
    Thanks for posting on my profile, your photos are really great!
  • Emma Evans 21/06/2005 14:24

    no probs. umm the east coast? i dunno, cold haha, the surfs been pretty good latly, some awesome waves out there. hows the west coast goin? which end of the west coast are u at?
    cheers, Emma
  • Dida Atanasova 02/06/2005 19:58

    you are nice one i really like ur imression!
  • Dida Atanasova 02/06/2005 19:57

    you are nice one, i really like ur impression!!!!
  • Robert L. Roux 28/04/2005 7:27

    The Yukon may be similar to Perth in many ways but there is a chance it gets a little cooler in the winter. Is there winter in Perth?
  • Matthias Moritz 22/04/2005 4:13

    High, Matthew!

    Some great pictures I´ve seen from you. You have an unique, very special style. That´s good! So, enjoy!

    If you have any question about fotocommunity, don´t hesitate to ask!

    Kind regards
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