Martin Vella gauci

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  • Gertrud Gozner 25/03/2005 21:32

    thank you for your kind comment :) G.
  • Janos Kiss 06/02/2005 21:00

    Hi Martin,
    welcome to the great world of FC and thank for your message!
    Warmest regards, Janos
  • JVision 01/02/2005 19:47

    Hi Martin,
    a warm welcome from me too :-)
    I hope you have fun here.
    Kind regards
  • Elaine Liebenbaum 30/01/2005 22:02

    Hi Martin
    welcome to the
    I really hope you enjoy uploading your photos here and meeting new people per comments, quickmails and fotomails. Its an interesting place to hang out.
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