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Hello! I am an artist from Hamburg, Germany. I would like to show you some photos of my pictures. Enjoy it!
I'm painting, most abstractly and make art installations and object boxes to social and political themes. So if you are interested in fine art, please visit my homepage. Thank you!

My camera is mostly a Canon S70.

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  • Ianna2 29/05/2009 14:36

    Just to greet and see pictures, again. :-)
  • John Willems 21/05/2009 4:41


    Thanks for all Your nice comments on my photographs.
    I’am proud that my image CitySCENE (below) has been recommended for the Gallery by Bertold Klammer.
    Maybe I can also obtain my FIRST star in the Gallery thanks You (or Your friends) and if You want.
    Everyone can vote this image on this moment (within 24 hours) on
    Presently being voted for:
    John Willems

    Thanks again to everyone from John Willems.
  • Michael Grotkamp 21/02/2009 13:22

    Danke, es hat funktioniert, Ich hab´s abgetrennt, damit es nicht mit jedem neuen Kommentar herunter wandert und dann verschwindet. Ein schönes Wochenende wünscht dir Michael
  • Michael Grotkamp 15/02/2009 22:22

    Danke, hat mir Spass gemacht. Und mach mir bitte eine kleine Freude: pack dein Bild mit dem Text auf meine Image Seite. Ich grenze ihn ab und beides bleibt stehen, so ich es technisch schaffe. Und so bekommst du auch noch zusätzlich einen Aufmerksamkeitswert via Besucher...

    thank you: Michael
  • Michael Grotkamp 01/02/2009 13:56

    Thanks a lot for your kind words, Maria.
    regards: Michael.
  • Ianna2 30/01/2009 18:57

    Thanks for comment. Best regards. :-)
  • passala 28/01/2009 21:08

    Thank you very much your kindly mesage. I'm interesting in fine art and my daughter is painter too.
    I visited your homepage,..I like them..
  • Andre Everett 22/01/2009 16:16

    YES WE DID! Thank you. I will be posting photos from the inaugaration
  • mariagust 11/01/2009 12:06

    Thank you very much, Totto!
  • Tor-Henrik Furmyr 11/01/2009 3:22

    Hi there mariaguest, welcome to Fotocommunity! :-)
    Fotocommunity is The place where beginners, amateurs and professionals can share their passion for photography.
    You can view pictures from others, upload your own and exchange comments with people around the world, and you can discuss or ask about anything you might want to know about our common interest.

    At this address you can find a tutorial for new members, and I recommend you take a look at it. It helped me a lot when I joined:

    You can also get lots of information in our online-help.
    To get there click on this link:

    If you have other questions, don't hesitate to ask me or a member of the team if you have any questions!

    Well, see you out there :-)
    Totto (Tor-Henrik Furmyr)
    Channelmanager Nature
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