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  • John Johnstone 07/01/2009 9:27

    Hello Mardi and thankyou for your comment on my picture of York minster, i can't remoce the lens on my camera, it the Fujifilm s9500, having said that, the lens goes down to 28mm so next time i will try a better angle and see what i can achieve! keep looking back for updates!
  • Tor-Henrik Furmyr 31/12/2008 14:37

    Hi there mardi, welcome to Fotocommunity! :-)
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    Well, see you out there :-)
    Totto (Tor-Henrik Furmyr)
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    By the way, you should also take a few moment to fill out your profile. It's of cours voluntarily, but it's useful for other members to know a little about you when visiting your profile and vewing your pictures :-)
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