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Pictures from here and there.

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  • Fernando Anzani 26/01/2022 19:15

    Thank you so much for wanting to follow my photographic path. Greetings from Venice. Very honored. Ciao. Fernando.
    VENEZIA - Gondola
    VENEZIA - Gondola
    Fernando Anzani
  • Marcelo Carignano 25/01/2022 5:17

    I am not a beginner, certainly not a professional. I am somewhere in the middle taking pictures just because I like it.
    Exploring all sort of techniques, digital, film, pinhole... whatever will produce a print that I can hold in my hands, hang on the wall, or give as a gift.
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Sony A7iii, Sigma Art 50 mm f/1.4, Sony 35 mm, Sony 85 mm

Contaflex ii (~1955)

Kodak Brownie (1931)

Nikon D3100

A small LUMIX

An old Olympus