Manjit Singh Hoonjan

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I am a photo artist living and creating in Calcutta, India. The origin of my passion for photography is the deep love and connection that I feel for the city: its unique architecture, vibrant markets, colorful urban landscapes and magical ambience which turn Calcutta into a living and breathing photographers' heaven.

I believe that the cultural richness, heritage and the urban narrative of Calcutta in general could not be the same without the people living here. That is why a major part of my photography is focused on inhabitants of Calcutta and is dedicated to them.

Along with providing photography work for my clients, I also enjoy guiding photographers who wish to make the best from their encounter with the city through its streets, markets, living neighborhoods and river banks, as well as the less visible areas of its communal life. I will be able to help you to create your best Calcutta photo album, regardless of your level of photography experience, equipment and background.
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