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Hallo there, all you wonderful creative people I´ve seen here!

I´m here to show some of my digital arts and photographic illustrations to get some feedback on them, but most of all I am here to get inspiration from all of your lovely work on this community. WOW so many great artists!

Im a graphic designer and have been working mostly with visual communication of all sorts and fanzy magazines.

I am so passionate about illustrative photography and digital art, its really a new world of creative possibilities! So passionate I decided to learn photoshop and Illustrator more then a uusally would in my work. So here I am sitting at evenings and nights when the kids are in bed, and husband in front of the TV, with great enthusiasm working out on my Imac. I just love it!

Now in a few days I will step up the process no good camera with jpeg formats... to two new canon cameras, a 400D with macro objective and a canon powershot G9. I hope I will receive them next week so I can get out and take spring pictures to my new projects. I also hope camera raw can compensate a bit for all of my misstakes in the near future!

Please give me tips and feedback on my work , any tip on macro and all kind of photography.

I of course do pictures on order, just contact me.

Thank you so much for visiting me!

With Love MaLuni

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