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About me

Dear all...excuse the unskilled aproach.. I am so frequently changing locations for Projects...in whatever business...
But I escape into the open space when ever possible..!

I have seen so many landscapes and people...but how can I keep this all inside ????

So I decided to put all into pictures. This is my trace of Live....It will remain, I hope, ever after..!!!

Please be friendly....and share the impressions I found on my ways...This is my idea to survive and find new energy...new destinations !!

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  • Chilltopia-Photoworks 27/04/2005 20:17

    Hi Michael,
    bist du der deutschen Sprache nicht mehr mächtig? ;-))
    Wie geht es dir du alter Haudegen? Treibst dich ja ganz schön in der Welt rum. Melde dich mal.

    Gruß City Kadett Udo ;-)))))
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