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I use a Canon EOS-1V with a 35mm Focal-Plane Shutter.

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  • Vinicius S. 04/09/2006 19:41

    i like so much of your profile picture ! thats great!
  • Nicklaus W 26/08/2006 12:56

    Come talk to me on myspace, girl. Added u as a friend.. will IM you :)
  • Nicklaus W 26/08/2006 12:48

    Trance parties? After my neighbour dragged me to easter vortex, I decided: never again. Haha. Long, boring story.

    Obs is ma whore. I lurve Evol too, and Cruz sometimes. I dunno, it's a wierd combo, but whatever. Gandalfs used to be my hole, but now it's become a drinking bin for ameteur hiphoppers and semi-punk girls.. no more real fun people really..
  • Nicklaus W 26/08/2006 12:42

    Haha for sure. Look out for the crystal meth addicts.. they are about 30 and walk around the shop aimlessly, but very well dressed, at about 4am. See them all the time there..

    I shal be studying.. this be the first weekend this year I have not been out on both Friday and Saturday.. this is going to be a long, hard night methinks..

    Where do you go, by the by? I enjoy Obs, Greenpoint and ocasionally Long St. And naturally the debacherous house parties that one has :D
  • Lucie DeMaid 26/08/2006 12:32

    haha me too..

    i waited there for 2 hours once, waiting for a friends..and i met 8 people.. it made my night.

    i shall be stopping again there after my night out excited, lookin forward to it more than the party itself :)
  • Nicklaus W 26/08/2006 12:29

    Ugh! A plaster? Who knows what find of infectious germs had inhabitied it.. althought I think the chef probably cooked the shit out of it.. they tend to do that in these skarange resturants, just to make sure the germs from the kitchen are dead before you put them in your mouth.. oh dear, now i'm putting myself off..

    I prefer going to the engen in meadowridge.. have I met some strange people there.. it's my hangout :)
  • Nicklaus W 26/08/2006 12:21

    Wow.. are their even houses up there? *is astounded by own ignorance*.. that resturant is dodge. Every time I see it, I feel like i've gone back 80 years and i'm going to see bearded pup-dwellers stumbling out of there with their wenches. Then I remember I live in constantia. LoL
  • Nicklaus W 26/08/2006 12:14

    Oh cool, whereabouts? I live in the dandy and convenient Silverhurst, near Ladies Mile ext. Love your dress, btw :D The red buttons!
  • Nicklaus W 26/08/2006 12:09

    ello'! Thanks for the photographic love :) all the photos on my profile where taken in and around constnatia/town.. meep. C ya!
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