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I have loved photography since I was very young. I feel if you see something that makes you smile you need to take a picture.

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  • silvermist 09/12/2016 11:52

    Thank you very much for your many comments !!!
  • David Arduini 09/12/2016 3:04

    Hi Lorrie, thanks for your nice comment.
  • silvermist 25/01/2014 2:48

    frozen tree
    frozen tree

    Thank you so much kind comment , lorrie !!
    Your "double rainbow" is so beautiful shot ! I also want to challenge a great rainbow.
  • O Grant 08/02/2013 20:33

    Thank you Lorrie. Iike the bridge picture "what a site" you took.
  • Gérard CHATENET 20/09/2011 10:07

    Merci des ces commentaires sur mes photos
  • S Patrick 09/02/2009 0:03

    Thanks for your comment Lorrie, feel free tpo view my other photos

    Kindest regards
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