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Leon Qafzezi
Live and work in Albania.Graduated in Academy of Arts (1977)
Worked some time in village for experience of live.Film-Studio"New Albania"and "Alb-Film Distribution"(1986-1992)Head of Council of Independent Trade Union of Alb-Film Distribution(1990-1992).Head of "Eagle Film Albania"(1992-2004)and Editor and Chief of "Film"magazine.Worked in "Albania National Television"(1992-1998)Film Department and Programming Department.Some time worked in ATN1 TV,"Teuta TV""Dardan TV"and "Koha"TV.Filmed in Albania.USA,France,Italy,Germany..
Author of 23 books and 32 documentary films for television...
Now is Independent Writer and Filmmaker.

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  • LeonQafzezi 25/04/2011 21:23

    Greetings and Thanks a lot for your gentile...
    Best wishes from Albania...
    I hope to collaborate with your prestigios
    "fotocommunity!in the future!
    With respect,
    Leon Qafzezi
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