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Larry Abruzzo

Free Member, West Covina

About me

I started taking photos because of my father. He was a total amateur, lacking any care or concern for his darkroom enviroment, which was a small shack in our backyard, wooden walls, and a dirt floor, no running water, and dust every where. But it was his and he shared it with me. He also made some nice photos when he wanted to, but he seemed to always give more away then he kept. That was cool.
As I matured I've narrowed my selection of subjects, to alot of the American Flag, Doorways, the color green, my daughters, always people where ever I see them, and whatever else I like.
My equipment lags. Not long ago I had my Mamyia 645, with 3 lens, many of the accesories and 2 Nikons with asorted lens, complete darkroon setup, a Bessler 23c, Omega B, Omega 4x5, everything. One trusting eveing I lost all my cameras a girl I was seeing at the time. Robbed me blind. Darkroom equipment lost to non payment of storage fees. Equipment and years of negitives and prints. But that's the past no time for regrets.
Now I own a Nikon D90 with 3 lenses. I have moved up camera wise, and the color on this camera is great so are all the features, my only complaint the lenses. In the old days 60's,70's,80's Nikkor lenses were sharp, rugged and fairly inexpensive, todays Nikkor mid level lenses are massed produced in China with plastic parts and the sharpness just isn't there. I am just sadly disappointed that I have none of my old Nikon lenses because I've seen them on e-bay going for much $$$ and the reason why...better made and quality of the photo taken.
Ciao 4 Now

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  • Julien Salut 21/05/2005 14:50

    pardon me ???
  • Hector Romero 11/05/2005 23:43

    Welcome to FC Cosmo.
    Wow, someone else from So Cal! (I live west... Simi Valley, Ventura County). I like your BnW work you've posted so far - GREAT contrast and composition. You definitely have an "eye" for it. I "lack" when it comes to BnW and I think I am definitely your junior in terms of photography experience, but it sounds like we have similar digital expertise, but just so as you know, even the best learn here in FC, so I hope you'll stay a while...
    Sorry, can't help you with your Fuji. It's rediculous you can't get that replaced or at least fixed!..Good luck with that.
    Look forward to seeing more of your work.
    Speaking of - The stuff on your websight is also fantastic.
  • Larry Abruzzo 08/05/2005 18:33

    My name is Larry and I also go by the name Cosmo. I live in the Los Angeles area in Southern California. I have been into photography since I a teen, even attended the Academy of Arts in San Fransisco for 1 year. Went into the screen printing business for the next 20 years making decals. Now I'm back into photography, Digital, photography and I embrace it 100%. If I never step into a darkroom again is fine with me.

    I am a photographer of amatuer standing, that is I take fotos of anything and everything that catches my eye. I am not trying to make a statement or reveal life's mysteries. Just trying to produce a good photo that is all. After all it was once said, " a picture is worth a 1000 words." see it as you see it. My favorite subject...of course girls/women, people are much more fun to photograph and it can be very demanding. Follwed by everything else under the sky.
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