Kimberly Diamond

Free Account, pittsburgh

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  • Jordan Shepler 31/03/2005 21:42

    Bonjour, it is Jordan, your orange friend (think way way back to the produce pic).
    Hope that all is going well and that you are getting plenty of vitimen C
  • Nicklaus W 31/01/2005 14:57

    Hey! Glad you like my picture. I took it at my grandmother's beachside resort in South Africa, I thought the light on the chairs looked very suble and beautiful. There was no cropping or post-processing, shot in b&w mode. Check out some of my other pictures if you can!
  • Laberin W 03/01/2005 19:08

    Im glad you found us here at;)
    I like your work.hope to see more soon.
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