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Been interested in photography for years
Love landscape seascape cityscape black/white photojounalism ect.
into photshop (the modern darkroom)

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  • Mark Weir 13/05/2010 20:29

    Hi Kevin, I'm the Scottish lad from Oriana in Feb/March. Sorry it has taken this long to contact you. I had a look at all your photos on this site and others and can understand why you felt the ship photographer's snaps were not up to scratch....HaHa.
    I have been published myself now...take a look at the latest P&O Portunus online Key West sunset takes pride of place....I'm over the moon......all the best, Mark.
  • KevinB 09/11/2008 18:02

    Kevin, I stumbled onto your photos by accident, but I glad I did. I'm still a beginner at photography in many ways, and your work inspires me! Thank you for posting here! Do you post anywhere else online (your work would be very nice at ).

    I think I requested that you and I network on this site (or become "friends" or whatever Fotocommunity calls it). Should you have time, I'd love to keep in contact! --Kevin Bergen
  • thom gunn 10/10/2008 7:32


    I'm building a boathouse on puget sound and was searching google for some ideas when i came across a photo of yours showing boathouses that like like overturned ships,

    and then fell into your portfolio.

    my initial reaction is an exclamatory WOW!

    You are taking pictures that make my soul sing,

    & I'm sure that is what they do for you too.

    Keep up the great work. As Renoir said, once you realize you are a genius you must forget it and get back to work!
  • Tanyel 20/11/2006 20:32

    you are making very different works..but they are definitely fantastic..well done
  • Maria Rex 24/09/2006 14:46

    Hey Kevin,
    Thank you for comment on my picture A Rider!!! It's nice when a nice man-professional comments on your pic! :)
  • Rainer Rauer 08/09/2006 14:48

    Your pics look like beeing made by a PRO!!! I am deeply impressed, Kevin.
  • Dragomir Vukovic 07/09/2006 21:31

    Great work Kevin
  • Andy Pomplun 29/08/2006 14:12

    i also want to say: "welcome"

    hope you enjoy your stay and find some new friends around here pretty soon ... :-)

  • Pascal Viyer 22/08/2006 19:22

    Thanks, Kevin, for visiting my compositions.
    I appreciate much your cloudy sky.
  • Pat Ackerson 19/08/2006 17:41

    After looking at all your photos, there are too many I could comment on. Absolutely beautiful.
  • Vinicius S. 17/06/2006 4:06

    thank you for my comment friend!
    when he/she has you please criticize tells me!
  • Igor Flasz 17/06/2006 1:35

    Thank you for your comment, Kevin.
  • Vinicius S. 30/05/2006 19:42

    I appreciated his/her work a lot, really incredible!
    he/she would like to change information, and ideas with you!
  • Véronique Soulier 29/05/2006 16:29

    just discovering your fany world.. like the way you play with clouds.. I'll come back of course !
    cheers Véronique
  • J Py 23/05/2006 21:38

    Just found your pics by accident,
    great work, will be looking in to see whats coming next.
    greetz J.P´y
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