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Hi, my name is Karina and i'm a 21y old Dutch student. I'm amazed by what the world has to offer us and that is why i love travelling, making photo's and sharing it with you!

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  • Tony AKa fototaker 05/12/2010 10:51

    greets from Spain!! you have some very good photos posted!!! have care and have fun on your travels!
  • sommerwind 04/05/2010 2:11

    Karina, very thanks for your nice comments love

    Inselträume [I]
    Inselträume [I]

    greeting sommerwind
  • jan2369 28/04/2010 18:06


    Nice pictures, different, interesting style!

  • Andreas Joseph 10/10/2009 1:27

    hello karina ... I really liked looking over your photos... they are different and interesting ... I think you have a good eye for photography and also for colors ...

    greetings, andreas
  • Flighty Furrow 09/09/2009 19:48



  • Ven 24/08/2009 9:10

    Hallo Karina,I like all your photos especially portraits.even tone mapping is superb for nature photographs.keep posting.
  • John Willems 21/05/2009 5:23


    Thanks Karina for all Your nice comments on my photographs.
    I’am proud that my image CitySCENE (below) has been recommended for the Gallery by Bertold Klammer.
    Maybe I can also obtain my FIRST star in the Gallery thanks You (or Your friends) and if You want.
    Everyone can vote this image on this moment (within 24 hours) on http://www.fotocommunity.com:80/pc/vote/display/16698851
    Presently being voted for:
    John Willems

    Thanks again to everyone from John Willems.
  • Yiannis Logiotatides 19/01/2009 16:57

    Hi Karina

    Thank you very much for your time to visit my gallery and for your kind words.Today's photo is dedicated to you.

    Regards from Athens
  • Manuel Schulz 15/01/2009 23:31


    Thanks for sharing your photos and your kindly comments!

  • Artsalah 12/12/2008 10:11

    Judging by the older photos, i must say, You are evolving. You have very nice works there.
    Best wishes !
  • Kemal Uysal 24/04/2008 23:55

    thnx for ur comment on my photo :=)
    at that photo light is naturel
    i just gave some contrast on photoshop
  • Ryszard 25/09/2007 23:16

    Good luck at your academy, keep learning and let the photography will give fun to you :)
  • Alon Eisenman 16/08/2006 13:06

    Hello, Just wanna say that it looks like you know your job ;-)
  • Vinicius S. 14/08/2006 18:08

    I liked all a lot their pictures!
    They are really good!
    And I should say that you are very beautiful!
    see you
  • J a e j i N™ 14/08/2006 12:59

    To Karina,

    Nice to see you and thank you for sharing your amazing pictures.


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