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I became serious in photography when I bought my first DSLR kit Nikon D40X in 2007, then recently I changed it with D80. I started buying lenses that I owned until now: Nikon 18-200mm, 50mm, 35mm and third party 28-75mm Tamron, also 150mm Sigma. Recently when I travel I brought my 35mm which is handy with large aperture f/1.8. Just also use point and shoot camera Nikon Coolpix P5100 and S640 for the snapshot and fit into my pocket.

I tried to captured everything and still explore my ability and specialist to take better pictures. I am fifties now (2010), I hope in my rest of my life more and more I can convert a quality of the 3 dimensional views into 2 dimensional pictures.

I have seen here and everywhere a lots of very good pictures, I need to learn from others too.

I live in Jakarta Indonesia, sometimes I travel for business or leisure and I really enjoy photographing the place that I visited.

I also displayed my photos in http://www.pbase.com/juda and I also enjoy fotocommunity which is slightly difference presentation in displaying pictures.

That's about me

And thank you for visiting my profile, my photos and giving your comments too.

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