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I am Juan W, You also can call me Lucy.
I like take pictures for all interesting and nice things. I favor nature, especially flowers. I like flowers very much!
Now I use Cannon IXY5.0, due to the camera is not professional and I am also a recruit for making photos, I know I can not make the pictures well at present.
I enjoy the time very much when I take photos together with my brother Detlef. He can take the pictures very well(this profile picture also taken by my brother). When I take photos together with him, I not only can use his Nikon D70 camera but also can learn something from him.
brother and sister-2
brother and sister-2
Juan W
brother and sister
brother and sister
Juan W

I also hope I can learn some from you to improve my pictures quality.
Your good suggestion will be warmly welcome!!!!
red rose-3
red rose-3
Juan W
lotus flower
lotus flower
Juan W

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  • Travel Views 29/07/2010 16:59

  • sellappa 14/02/2009 17:48

    Hi LUCY,
    Thank you for your comments on my picture.
  • CsomorLászló 15/05/2007 17:06

    Thank you, yes a man fishing.
  • Robert G. Mueller 19/03/2007 15:43

    Hi Juan,
    we are all here and make photos from this beautifull country of yours.

  • Kevin Alt 23/02/2007 11:49

    Hi Juan,
    many thanks for your comments.

    Greetings from Kunshan


  • Pawel Majewski 25/12/2006 10:46

    Hi Juan,
    You have many lovely photos of flowers
  • Angelika Zöllner 06/06/2006 0:30

    Hi and many regards to China. I don't know why - but i'm not able to see any of your fotos....
  • The Desert Scorpion 22/05/2006 20:50

    I enjoyed your photographs. One can see that you love flowers.

  • Steffi P. 11/05/2006 14:52

    Hallo Lucy,
    mein Englisch ist nicht wirklich gut deshalb schreib ich Dir auf deutsch - Detlef hat mir geschrieben er würde es Dir übersetzten.
    Deine Blumenbilder gefallen mir sehr sehr gut. Ich schau in Zukunft öfters bei Dir vorbei und freu mich auf mehr Blumenbilder von Dir.
    Übrigens - wenn Du mir schreiben möchtest, kannst du es ruhig auf Englisch tun - verstehen kann ich es.
    Viele Grüße Steffi
  • Bente Franck 02/04/2006 22:20

    Hi Juan
    I was just zapping arround in fc. Then I saw your flowerpictures. I just had to look twice. I really like your flowers.
    sunny regards from Bente
  • Jacqueline Chay 25/03/2006 2:13

    Thanks for your kind comment :-) Regards from Australia
  • Jacqueline Chay 21/02/2006 0:16

    Thank you for your comment
    Regards Jackie
  • Katerina Zumrová 09/02/2006 7:11

    Hi. I'm glad because you like my sunset photos...
    Katerina :-)
  • Sinan Ariktekin 31/01/2006 22:48

    Hello Juan,
    Thanks for your comment on my photo
  • Sergio Pessolano 31/01/2006 12:04

    Hi Juan,
    Thank you for your kind appreciation about my work.
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