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I love surreal photography - pictures of anything that hopefully will make people stop and think what an image is about. In the process of getting acquainted with my Nikon D70, although I've used Nikon D1X, Fuji S1 Pro and the Kodak DCS Pro, among others.

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  • Elaine Liebenbaum 20/04/2005 20:28

    just checked through your shots
    I really like alot of them especially the experimental ones
    you have some great ideas there.
    take care
  • JVision 13/04/2005 20:04

    Hi Josie,
    welcome to the fotocommunity. I wish you a lot of fun here.
  • Jesús Rodríguez 13/04/2005 14:55

    Thanks for tour comments about my "flying to get it" photo. I was in the right place at the right time.
  • Martin Unger 15/12/2004 15:15

    Welcome to the fc, you started with some very interesting pictures!
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