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  • Boris Urmin 13/08/2006 11:39

    Thanks, Jordan. Good idea.
  • Alexander Stamenkovic 05/07/2006 8:42

    Thanks for your comment. Your work is great.
  • Sharen Walls 01/08/2005 1:49

    Jordan, Beginner or not, you have captured some great shots. Keep up the good work, and befor long you will be a pro.
  • Kevin Lake 19/07/2005 0:14

    cheers for the comment jordan. i love your photographs and your view on photography. will be looking for more of your work.
  • John Bennett 14/07/2005 20:37

    Hi Jordan. thanks for your kind comments on "A new begining" I acheived this effect by simply getting up at 4.00 am and wait for the the sun to come up no photoshop involved.
    Regards John
  • Adam Sprzenski 03/07/2005 22:59

    Thank you for comment under my picture.
  • Bill Lang 27/05/2005 22:38

    Thanks for your comments on Nature's Paradise.
  • Rob Wells 17/05/2005 20:31

    Like you, I would also thirve a bit more on some negativity - especially in the comments stakes.

    I'll be a sour-puss if you will too !! lol

    Take it easy.
  • Rob Wells 17/05/2005 18:57

    Very good collection of photo's.

    All the best.
  • Helen Page 19/04/2005 17:01

    Jordan, I'm very impressed with your pictures. They are a pleasure to look at. Helen
  • Richard Overtoom 04/04/2005 12:32

    hi Jordan
    thanks a lot for your "w o w"...
    regards, richard
  • Tammy Meikle 17/03/2005 17:18

    Thanks for the kind words.
    The opportunity for great photos are all around us,
    Because I'm still learning I take pictures of whatever I can.
    I have not found my one thing I like best to photograph.
    That is why I like this site so much. You learn alot.
    Keep up the good work!
  • Ed Wallace 15/03/2005 11:55

    Thank you for your gracious comment... Much appreciated.
  • Eduardo Esquivel 09/03/2005 2:31

    Thank you for your intersing in my job, yours is amazing too, I really think you had very good ones.
    About your question, how wow I get the texture on my image, first,remmembers is the quality of light, I used hard for this shot, and the rest is worked digital.
  • Anastasiya Ivanova 08/03/2005 14:55

    Hello Jordan:
    Thanks so much for your nice comment on my work!!

    And welcome to FC, you will enjoy it I believe so. :))
    Greeting from Russia
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