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B.A (F.A.)-University of Cape Town, South Africa
-Majors: Painting, Photography, Theory of Art, History of Art, Theology & Religion

M.A.- University of Namibia

Business Adminerstration- Management Analysis Centre, Cape Town, South Africa.

Project Management- Executive College, Cape Town, South Africa.

I own Kerahdah Gallery of Fine Art, Windhoek, Namibia.
Have had about 60 exhibitions internationally. Presently exhibiting my work produced in Germany, at the Bürgerschaft, in Bremen.

Was Art Critic for the NAMIBIAN newspaper in Windhoek, Namibia

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  • Alenka A 24/02/2012 13:32

    Thank you, John!
    Alenka A

    Yes I'm not good painter but!! the real photo with a strange proportion too)))

    Best Regards!
  • manuel patricio 13/02/2011 23:50

    Hi this is a church of bones in portugal in evora you can get information on the web
  • Oscar Hoogendoorn 13/02/2011 17:20

    This sport is not known everywhere. But thanks for your comment.

  • Lourdes Ramos 08/03/2010 2:14

    Hi Jonh, thank you for your comment.
  • nick trofeo 17/01/2010 20:37

    Thanks Mr. John for commenting on my pictures, I saw your gallery and you have great pictures as well.


  • Chris Kieffer 15/01/2010 19:42

    Hi John, tks for your kind comments, regards from Luxembourg
  • Maria João Arcanjo 04/01/2010 2:58

    Nice to meet you!!!
  • Fons van Swaal 03/01/2010 18:53

    Thank you very much John .....;-))
    This images was taken in Austria at the beautiful lake Zeller See .....
    Best regards,
  • anthony ryan 27/12/2009 15:30

    Hi John,I will swap you.I am fed of the snow,I can't get out to get any pictures or anything.I could do with some sunshine.
  • Nancy Blach 26/12/2009 16:49

    Thank you for you nice comments.
  • Ray Steinberg 25/12/2009 1:13

    Hi John,

    Thank you for your comment on my photo:

    Anyone who has ever had a pet, has gone through this course of action, at one time, or another. It's never easy no matter how many times you have to do it, and especially if you're the one chosen to make the final decision as to whether the pet lives, or dies.
    That one moment, that one observes the procedure of the pet taking his, or her last breath, will forever stay in the mind of the pet's owner, whether it be 20, 40, or 60 years later.
    I have seen grown, macho type men, break down into tears, right after the pet dies. It's never easy.
    If looking at this image, brings back sad, but wonderful memories of your dog, and the good times you two had together, than this image of mine did it's job.


    Ray Steinberg

  • botano 21/12/2009 18:23

  • Holger Findling 19/12/2009 20:23

    Happy Holidays
  • Tad Kanazaki 30/11/2009 1:09

    House of Yasushi Inoue-3 [Famus Writer in Japan]
    House of Yasushi Inoue-3 [Famus Writer in Japan]
    Tad Kanazaki

    Thank you for your visit and comment.
    Bw Tad.
  • Owen McLeod 28/11/2009 15:56

    "I shoot with three analogue Canons viz. A1, AE & TLb, a Panasonic Lumix FZ50, a Mamiya 645, and have recently acquired a Kodak Retina 1b, which I bought on the street in Bremen Germany recently, where I am at the moment, until 29 November. The Retina is in super condition and I'm putting various films through it to see how it copes with new film. By the way, it is the same model that Edmund Hilary used to record the conquest of Mount Everest in 1955." John Sampson.

    John, I would really like to see some of your work from Germany and from the work you have in Galerie Fusion that you opened with Sigi in Namibia.
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