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hi everyone, I am 37 year olds, loves include nature, and what comes with it...all my hobbys are outdoors i.e. falconry ( but no longer doing) fishing, golf, birdwatching etc, i have always had outdoor interests, and taking picture's of my interests....though wildlife, nature,etc is my photographic theme...photography to me is unlimited...if i see a picture then i will take it..my aim in photography is to hopefully make a living out of it, freelance? i dont know yet..alot more knowledge is needed in equipment etc first. I have several picture's already published in books and on websites and would like it to continue?! ....hope you enjoy my picture's as much as i am enjoying yours!.....all the best j.

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  • Julien Salut 30/07/2005 10:55

    hi i love your pics

  • Hudson Valley 23/12/2004 2:48

    Hi Jamie.
    Really enjoyed your gallery.
    Some great images.
  • Snjezana Josipovic 12/11/2004 21:13

    Thank you :))

    ..and you have really nice pics...

  • Elaine Liebenbaum 09/11/2004 19:52

    Hi Jamie
    nice to see you here. That is some profile, are you the guy or the fish ;-)
    All jokes aside, you will find this environment very supportive and it will make you want to go out and shoot.
    take care and dont forget to comment others
  • Jamie Alexander 09/11/2004 18:31

    thankyou hanne!
  • Jo Ma 09/11/2004 18:20

    hi Jamie!!
    welcome to the fc!!
    all the best, Hanne
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