Jakob Barth.

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We'll see, if it works and how it works, this fc.com-site. First problem: The system did not accept my name (Jakob Barth) for what reason so ever.

As English is not my mother's tongue, I use this account solely to practice my English. If anybody finds any mistake, please correct me! Thanks!

Most of my photographs you will find on fotocommunity.de.
My .de-account: Michael L. aus K.

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  • Carl CE 22/08/2004 21:03

    So this is the place where english language is required? And you want to practice your english skills? Congratulations. But please do not only write textes but also present some pictures.

    Cheers, Karl
  • Elaine Liebenbaum 16/08/2004 17:02

    Dear Jakob,
    welcome to the fc.com site. I hope you aren't serious, no one is going to correct your english. But everyone is going to understand you.
    Have a great time here.
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