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I have been an amateur photographer for years, first using film and now completely digital. I am lucky enough travel a bit, and I bring my camera everywhere.

Any comments on my photos are welcome, hopefully constructive so that I can keep improving. I am amazed at the talent I view on fotocommunity, and am glad to be a small part of it.

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  • Komposti 19/02/2016 22:26

    Hallo, ein Irish Folk Musik-Tipp für jeden Irland-Fan (Deutschland-Tour 2016).

    Die Jungs sind einfach spitze, Irish Folk von aller Feinsten....Top

    Wir sind auch mal wieder mit dabei im Knust in Hamburg, wie auch 2015 :-))

    The High Kings
    The High Kings

    Liebe Grüße Komposti
  • Canan Oner 11/12/2007 14:43

  • Gert van der Flier 01/10/2007 15:12

    Hello Jack,
    Thanks for visiting my site.
    Greetings Gert
  • Canan Oner 29/08/2007 22:00

    Thanks a lot Jack for commenting on

    So kind of you !
  • Lorraine Larochelle 27/08/2007 18:05

    Thanks a lot!!
  • Lyle Miley 25/08/2007 23:26

    Thanks for all the comments Jack!
    Best wishes

    Lyle Miley

  • Sarah D. Kiefer 23/07/2007 8:56

    hi! you do some seriously cool abstract work...happy to have found your collection!
    sarah k
  • Sylvie Gersch 05/01/2007 12:13

    Bonjour Mr Newton,
    glad we found this space to share our love for photography!
    Thanks for your comments!
    Let's find nice locations, situations and interesting people together!
    Cheers, Sylvie

  • Jack Newton 28/12/2006 0:06

    Thanks Andy and Yasemin for the warm welcome. I've browsed both your galleries and I must say, I am very impressed with your work and hope to live up to that standard someday.

    I found fotocommunity through a friend in Germany, and we both joined to share our love of photography. Looks like we found a home!

  • Andy Pomplun 15/12/2006 13:52

    Welcome to fotocommunity.com!

    Good to see you found this place, where professionals, amateurs and rookies meet to share their views of photography, show and discuss each others work.
    I hope you'll find the things you were looking for when you joined and have the same fun I have since I became a member.
    Don't hesitate to ask me or any other member of the team if you have any questions!

    When I thought about making it easier for new members to join our community, I had the idea to write a short tutorial which might help. You can find it here:

    You might also want to gather some information in our online-help. There you can learn about the different features of fotocommunity.
    To get there click here:

    fotocommunity - share your passion!

    Best regards
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