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  • Ed Kay 29/04/2008 8:57

    welcome to fc. nice work and good to see more people from NY. keep up the good work and will be watching
  • Giorgos Fidanas 02/04/2008 6:22

    Hello, Yannina.
    On the FC function buttons to your right, click "Membership" to unfold it. Then click "Profile", "edit my Profile".
    Also look at "settings" and "Email options".
    More detailed answers to any of your possible questions about FC are in "Information" button. Unfold it and click "Online Help" and "Photo Knowledge".
    And for additional support you can use the "Contact". Any available moderator will be glad to help.
    HINT: Try to be familiar with QM=Quick Message and FotoMail. They are the best way to communicate here, rather the private message.
    Glad if i could help a little bit...:-)
    Giorgos Fidanas
  • Giorgos Fidanas 01/04/2008 9:20

    Welcome Yanina, as i see from your first uploads you have a wonderful portfolio. Keep it up and keep the good work.
    Try to fill your profile, so photographers here will know more things about you.
    And beleave me, most FC people will help anyone who ask for it...:-)))
    Lights On
  • IloveNY 01/04/2008 6:53

    Hi!!! My name is Yanina. Originally i am from Russia. I came to New York to study life and photography! I will be happy if you help me with it! Thank you!
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