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What if the ride in the smallest things can power the strongest hurricane?

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  • Dia Nigrew 03/03/2010 8:59

    Pretty cool :D
    But I think that happens by accident :P
    I think it's really cool, that my photo remember you (and maybe others) on a song... I'm proud of it :)
  • Dia Nigrew 28/02/2010 19:18

    Yeah you're right. When I see my photo I have to think about the song. I listen to this song at the moment. Crazy :D
  • Dia Nigrew 27/02/2010 23:48

    I don't now, if you're german or english. So I write in english ;) Thank you very much for your comment and I think Sting is great. My parents listen to his music very often. :)

  • Ieva Klevina 24/02/2010 21:42

    It would be great If I would speak in deutch, but not today. Sorry :/
  • Firstclass 24/02/2010 20:26

    Auch neu hier, viel Spaß! Ach ja das 2te Bild is echt sehr cool geworden!
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