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About me

Here are a answer for few question I got in interview in Shutterbang #11

Who or what influences your work? The variety in photography is endless. My love for my country has kept me true to the subject at hand. I believe that no country in the world offers as much varieties in terms of photo opportunities.

Favorite location(s)? (Where do you like to shoot?) I love to lug my camera around to so many different locations. But, for whatever reason, the Icelandic highlands always pull and I usually end up there even though I initially planned on going somewhere else! So, that would be my favorite location… in winter!!!

Favorite subject(s)? As I see photography as a constant challenge, I have tried hard to photograph as many subjects as possible. The most remarkable ones for me are where man is intertwined with the landscape. But then again, my favorite subjects change… they vary by seasons, my moods etc.

Most useful photo tool? The camera is usually all I use without any extra tools. The light meter, I have pretty much stopped using as the camera has become an extension of me. I do use a flash sometimes.

Best photo advice ever given to you? Create your own style and don’t try to copy other photographers.

What makes a good photo? The photo has to have a message or tell a story. The eye has to be clearly led through the photo without interference. The main subject has to be placed where the eye will stop and try to be as close to the subject as possible. Also it is important to remember that background plays a big part in all photos. Technical issues are often the least important in my photos, so when I break the rules, I make sure I do it well.

Favorite photo? My favorite photo is like my music. I love it all!

Photographic ambitions? (What would you like to achieve?) I have probably gone as far as I’ll go but I am still developing my style. That is really exciting right now.


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  • Doug Hough 16/11/2007 1:52

    Hi Ice,

    Thanks for your kind comments, they're much appreciated!

    Best Wishes, Doug
    Doug Hough
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