Iann Mesta

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  • S W I S S D O G 24/12/2009 0:11

    Ich wünsche Dir frohe Weihnachten und ein schönes Fest mit Deinen liebsten.
    LG Thomas

  • Martin Jay 18/12/2009 23:29

    Thank you Iann for your comment on my photo back to the farm.
    Regards Martin
  • Paul Jankovic 17/12/2009 19:11

    Many thanks for your comments on the Cat.
  • Mu Mu 17/12/2009 9:58

    thanks Iann!
  • Mª Teresa Pascual 15/12/2009 9:43

    Muchas gracias por ver mis fotos ...Un Saludo Mª Teresa
  • Madelene Lockner 14/12/2009 18:04

    It depends, mostly its not if the wolf isnt sick or hurt. Theese were not dangerouse anyway cause they were from a zoo and raised by human. The wild wolfs at home are rarely seen.
  • the landscaper 14/12/2009 9:54

    thanks a lot dear iann!
    greetings, tls
  • Owen McLeod 14/12/2009 0:31

    Why sad? She is not stuck! She licked the hydrant because I had some bait (a cookie) on it that I later removed with photoshop. It was the only way I could get her to sit beside the hydrant long enough for me to take the shot...
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