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i love fotograf

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  • Amina Mushtaq 19/06/2009 7:53

    Thanx for appreciating.
  • Amina Mushtaq 30/05/2009 18:33

    Thanx a lot!
  • Amina Mushtaq 22/05/2009 18:13

    i have also made a calendar of 2010 with my own photography. kindly guide me, as you have seen my photos.i will wait for your response.
  • Amina Mushtaq 22/05/2009 18:12

    i wana advice that if i wana make photography a business, how can i do it?
  • Amina Mushtaq 21/05/2009 9:33

    Hello Hasan Thank you very much. you have a nice eye to see beauty in my photograhy.thanx
  • Amina Mushtaq 16/05/2009 11:20

    Hello, your comments plays a role of motivational factor for me. Thankyou very much.
  • Amina Mushtaq 14/05/2009 9:44

    thank you very much for appreciating my work
  • wasurenainamae 07/05/2009 15:33

    Thanks for the kind comment on my picture!
    Greetings, Wasurenai
    Cherry blossom SAKURA
    Cherry blossom SAKURA
  • Amina Mushtaq 01/05/2009 11:25

    Thank You very much for appreciating and taking time to visit my photos and giving nice comments. Thanks a lot.
  • Amina Mushtaq 27/04/2009 7:53

    i am from those lucky one who got your comment.
    i want to ask that do you know about such contest where we can send photography of crystals?
    if you know, kindly inform me about them
    Kind Regards
  • Amina Mushtaq 26/04/2009 8:37

    Thanx again
  • Amina Mushtaq 26/04/2009 8:36

    Thank you so much for appreciating my work
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