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  • Dominikus Septiasto 12/01/2006 13:04

    salam kenal ya..
    liat2 foto gua ya..
    kasih comment juga ya..
  • Suryo Wibowo 28/12/2004 0:18

    hallo kak grace.
    ada di sini juga to?
    hehehe...welcome deh.!

  • FERRY TENTUA 24/11/2004 19:29

    *** Hi Grace,
    Selamat datang di fotocommunity, welcome to the photographers from Indonesia, I'm glad to see some people from my fatherland, but its a pity i cant write indonesian but understand the language very well, if you want to give any comment, please write in english:)
    These two students from Indonesia, I met them on my city tour.
    * far away from home *
    * far away from home *

  • PacO MartiN 23/11/2004 7:35

    Hi Grace
    Thank you for your comment about my picture. The pirates are inside of the boat.... be carefull with them... It is a joke...

    I like very much your color getting in your pictures. It is very nice. Really good work.

    Best regards from Madrid
  • Grace Utomo 22/11/2004 12:51

    thank you very much for watching my profile...i need to learn more from all of you :)
  • Elaine Liebenbaum 22/11/2004 11:17

    Hi Grace let me be the 2nd one to welcome you here. Good to see you in action here!
    keep up the good work!
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