Glenn Conant

Free Account, Milton, Vt.

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I've enjoyed photography all my life, starting as a kid with a Konica C35, and ending up now with a couple of Canon DSLR's, and a couple of point & shoots

I love photography, and have become fascinated with butterfly photography over the last 10 yrs. or so, as well as opportunity photography and fine art photography, which I tend to shoot in the winter on those snow bound days.
I also run a website called Butterfly Photo Galleries and one called Vermont Photo Galleries, both of which use up huge chunks of my time.

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  • Adele Oliver 25/04/2020 23:46

    welcome to FC, Glenn - thank you for your visit … you have a fabulous
    gallery with beautiful butterflies - hard to photograph, not many "in the wild"
    here in Vancouver.
    Enjoy your time in FC, hope you make a lot of friends and get inspired -
    just check the Nature Channel for like-minded photographers !!!
    best regards from Vancouver - driving through Vermont is about 45 years
    ago for me :-))
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I currently shoot with a Canon EOS 50D, and a Canon 6DMk2, along with a variety of Canon lenses.
I also shoot with a Canon and a Samsung point and shoot, which, in certain circumstances, are invaluable.
I also have most of the requisite studio shooting hardware.