George DuBose

Free Account, Cologne

About me

I have been a professional photographer since 1978. My first lp cover was the B-52s first album.

I was an art director/ photographer for Island Records from 1978 to 1998. I have photographed and/or art directed over 300 lp and cd covers. There are over 50 of my covers certified gold or platinum.

Currently, I maintain a photo studio in Cologne and also use the space for Wonderland, an art gallery that specializes in realist and surrealist paintings and photography.

Most of my work is with musicians in my studio or in concert, I also do fashion and beauty portraits.

For all of my career, I have used Canon and Hasselblad cameras. I have begun using a digital Canon, but am not happy with the results. I like grainy color or B&W films and can't match the results with my 10D.

Lights: I love my ProFoto Acutes...

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