Gary Muir

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G'Day all! I am from Walpole, know as the Belly Button of the World (North Pole, South Pole...who is in the middle?). This amazing wilderness area is situated in the South West of Australia. A photographers paradise with forests, rivers, rocks, sea, unique wildlife and cool people to capture. Seven generations of our family have been brought up here. Look forward to sharing some of its moments with you...

Favorite Themes: Nature, Landscape and Portaits
Favorite Camera: CANON EOS 3
Favorite film: Velvia 50
Favorite Lens: 28-135 IS UTM


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  • TC-Photographic 20/05/2005 14:30

    Hello Gary,
    wellcom to FC. I looked to your fotos, they are lovely. So I take you to my buddylist. I love Australie and in January 2006 I'll be back in Australia for one year. I hope to a lot of fotos from you till I be there to reduce my Australia-sickness
    Kind regard fom Switzerland
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