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After a 4 year "Lull" I'm finally getting back into taking pictures on a steady basis. I was working in commercial labs for 15 years when I moved to the country where I found that there were no commercial labs to work in. I've always printed my own stuff and I was still a holdout for film and not into digital, so my lack of contact with the labs took it's toll. Plus I think it was good for me to take a break and get a fresh perspective on things.

A friend of mine upgraded his digital camera system and I was forced to take the old one. It has changed my thinking and I'm off and running again. A good swift kick never hurt anyone.

I've always shot landscapes and find I'm still doing it out of habit but I'm excited about experimenting with other subjects. Color has been my choice since I started out but I think I'll try a little B&W also.

I found this site quite by accident or maybe I should say fate. I look forward to learning digital and fresh ideas from what I see to be a great group of people.

Right now I'm shooting film with a Cannon F-1
and my Digital is a Nikon D-100. 95% of my stuff is with a 24mm.

I'm scratching the surface with Adobe Photoshop and I have the Nikon Capture 4 software to load when I upgrade my computer.

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  • Mel Uptown 19/03/2008 20:23

    I would like to possibly use some of your images for wildland firefighting training. How much would you charge for such a service?
  • Karla Riedmiller 13/01/2007 10:03

    Hello Gary.... sorry, I don't speak english, just a little bit..
    thanks for greetings.
    WHERE ARE YOUR PHOTOS ????????????
  • Danny W. Wilson 02/05/2006 6:42

    Thank you for your kind comments concerning my work.
    Danny W. Wilson
  • Frank Cecconi 30/04/2006 15:31

    Hi Gary

    Greetings from Melbourne, Australia. Thanks for all your comments! It's encouragement like this from nice people like you that keeps me going. Love your portfolio especially Easter Lillies ... keep those pics coming;-)

    Happy snapping!

    Frank C
  • Vladimir Ukolov 30/04/2006 12:16

    Thanks, Gary, for your comment. I wish your of good luck in a photo!
  • Lara G. 22/04/2006 9:54

    Lara G.

    Hi Gary!
    Thanks a lot for your nice comment! :-) I'm touched to see that men are sensible to my pictures too... Welcome to FC and continue showing your pictures! Nice landscapes!
  • When 11/04/2006 12:43

    Welcome to FC. Hope you enjoy it here. The best way to get noticed and to get comments on your work is to comment on other's portfolios. If you need any help navigating the website, feel free to ask. Be sure to join us in the forums. See you around, and welcome to the gang.
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