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Hi my name is Mark, photography is my first love until things go wrong and then fishing is my number one passion,

I'm a wheelchair user hence, all most all my pictures are taken at ground level.

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  • miguel ramos 23/01/2014 14:18

    I want to start fishing also....
    Congrats on such beautiful photography
  • Warren Elkes 07/12/2012 13:16

    I thought your pictures looked local.......from a fellow Derby dweller
  • Dave Murrell 29/04/2012 16:33

    Hi Mark

    Thanks for the less is more comment. Mind I don't know what was at the top of the stairs!

    Dave m
  • Ben Collins 27/04/2012 21:28

    thanks for your comments , very kind

    ben :)
  • Dave Murrell 26/04/2012 21:22

    hi Mark

    Belated thanks for your comment on the Toads.

    hope you are well

    have a good week

    dave m
  • Nick Topouzelis 19/04/2012 22:40

    Thank you very much Mark !
    I am glad that you like it.
    Best regards
    A view ...
    A view ...
    Nick Topouzelis
  • Dave Murrell 23/03/2012 20:25

    Nice one Mark.
    The only time I've put my very inexpensive polaroids (Asda, tenner) shades in front of the camera was up a tree looking at carp not taking my baits. I've an odd collection of shades in the car so I'll give it a go next time I'm on the lake. There's always plenty of photo time carp fishing!
    The shot was actually taken through a polaroid filter I was trying to shoot frog porn, there was thousands of them. I did manage 3 carp to 20lb 2 oz so it all ended very well for my first session of the year :)

    Have a great weekend

    Dave m

  • Adele Oliver 07/03/2012 5:04

    Thank you so much for all your nice comments, Mark ... nice of you to visit, I appreciate it.
    Best wishes from Canada,
  • Dave Murrell 06/03/2012 23:01

    Hi Mark
    Well i've never been pulled in by a carp but I've been in with my 1st 40 That I caught a couple of years ago.
    I can understand why 'cause a 20+ has some power especially if you aren't expecting it. You've got to get that drag off quick!
    Who got the photo of that then :)
    You have some good waters in your neck of the woods and You have a good eye for a photo aswell.
    looking forward to your Carp catch photos

    Dave m
  • Dave Murrell 06/03/2012 20:20

    Hi there
    The pond is called Majestic pool and it's in East Yorkshire near Beverley, and no I didn't catch anything in 48 hours. i did loose one off the top while setting up but that's carp fishing. I leave the big boys for my French trips. 44.5 so far so not to far of that 50 mark

    Dave m
  • Danagrafie 06/02/2012 11:41

    Danke für die Anmerkung :-)
    LG Dana
  • free-wheels 27/11/2011 15:45

    Hi Adele, first off, thank you for your welcome. I've just found this bit. Your Antarctic pictures are new to me and I really do like them.

  • Adele Oliver 26/11/2011 22:32

    Thank you for your unexpected comment for this image from a long time ago !!!
    best wishes, Adele
    Antarctic Summer - so peaceful
    Antarctic Summer - so peaceful
    Adele Oliver
  • Adele Oliver 26/08/2011 19:00

    Hello and welcome! Great to see that you joined our big family. I am sure you will enjoy posting your photos and seeing the pictures of other members. I wish you lots of new friends and much fun and always "good light"!!
    greetings from Canada,
    Adele - Nature Channel Manager

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