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Elaby M. Berger
Photographic education at Fotovakschool Apeldoorn NLD.1979
Profesional photographer 1980-2007.

The fascination of the digital technik has inspired me for a long time. I use this tool as my painting brush, to create my “ Photo painting “motives whit.
My thanks goes to the photo models which I worked with in the past.
They give me the possibility to create the portray - Woman in a sensual way – In the digital technik
Me work is diverse in motives from sence to nature. Even so the respons on my work.

It is the combination of technique and a feeling for the colours which I generally change wenn im in a mood . For that reason my pictures are never finished. And generally it costs my effort to send them to the Photo labor. Wenn I feel the need to see them in original state 50 X 75 cm .
The resold are many picture works together who cost a lot € to realise them.
I print them only on Fuji photo paper it gives the best impression for my work. Till now.

O dear.... we don't want to make a weblog,or a commercial . But only an impression of who I'm and why I'm doing this.
Its a live line for me who give,s me a lot of pleasure and surprising moment,s in whats al possible whit photoschop 7,0

My conclusion;
Art is more as pleasure, study, intellectuality, investment, provocation and actuality event.
It is balsam for the soul.

I hope you come to visit me next Art Gallery exebition on the" Kunstroute 2009 in Hulst. NLD . Some of my work are expose "Mistique Godess" Gaia & Demeter. 90x160 cm on Silk Canvas. Date: 4 September - 27 September 2009. YOUR WELKOM IN ZEEUWS-VLAANDEREN in the Greenest city of Holland "HULST"

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