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What can I tell you about myself? My name is Sergey and I live in the North-West of Russian Federation. First of all there are the Saint-Petersburg and the Arkhangelsk Cities, the small town of Borovichi (Velikiy Novgorod region, about 360 km from SPb City) also. So, the most of my works represent these three places, with each of them I am connected 'narrowtively' at the life.
I have been taking pictures from my youth when I worked onboard of civil sea ships. And I prefer to take pictures in different ways and using different cameras. Some skills which I have got from the last experience of my job as photo-reporter for marine papers and magazines helps me. My photografic interests include the shoting of landscapes, street scenes, portraits, nature and the others. Welcome to my gallery!

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  • Laura Daddabbo 28/06/2020 22:55

    Thanks for your kind attention!
    Best regards, Laura
  • Lavana 06/03/2020 18:01

    Hi, Sergey! For me, Saint-Petersburg was an emotionfull experience during the trip.
    You're so lucky to live there...
  • dolphine 17/11/2019 14:33

    Dear visitors,  I prefer you don't thank me for my comment of your photos rather you comment and mark the pics in my gallery, I will do the same for your galleries... Thank you!
    Sehr geehrte Besucher, ich bevorzuge, dass Sie mir nicht für meinen Kommentar zu Ihren Fotos danken, sondern die Bilder in meiner Galerie kommentieren und markieren. Ich werde dasselbe für Ihre Galerien tun ... Vielen Dank! 

    Chers visiteurs, je préfère que vous ne me remerciiez pas pour le commentaire de vos photos mais que vous commentiez et marquiez les images dans la galerie myy, je ferai de même pour vos galeries ... Merci! 

    Estimados visitantes, no me agradezcan por los comentarios en sus fotos, pero prefiero que comenten y etiqueten fotos en mi galería, haré lo mismo para sus galerías ... ¡Gracias! 

    Cari visitatori, non ringraziatemi per i commenti sulle vostre foto, ma preferisco che commentiate e taggate le foto nella mia galleria, farò lo stesso per le vostre gallerie ... Grazie!
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