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I live in California in the wine country. I am 51 and have been doing art and photography for a short time. I am obsessed and strive to get better. I welcome any constructive criticism or helpful hints. I have 3 cameras. One is a fairly simple point and shoot digital: Kodak DX 6490; I have a Canon EOS Elan 7e with a 28-90 1:4-5.6 Canon lens and an Olympus IS3 35-180 -lens is built in. I am currently investigating digital cameras and at least one good film camera. Also trying to figure out what else I need...it seems like the list goes on forever.

I love photography and I love art.

No pictures of me...I am on the other side of the camera.

Ok-changed my mind..I am a woman after all! This is my sister and me just before we went on a balloon ride that crashed on top of a mountain. It hurt, but we were ok and most of all the cameras were ok. Here you see me clutching my old standbye-Olympus IS3 in my hands. Got some fair pictures that day.

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  • Malin Franzen 17/06/2006 11:03

    I wonder round I can Borrow Your Picture on Stallet.se?
  • Richard Waldron 30/11/2005 13:42

    I picked up on your message while browsing. The answer to yourquery is to convert to black and white via the channel mixer monochrome button, make sure the photo is RGB mode, Make a selection of the area you wish to colour with the appropriate feathering, go to image adjustment>hue saturation, click the colourize button and use the slider to select a colour for that area. Repeat on different areas as you will. (Photoshop).
    I hope this helps.
  • Stefanos Lampridis 11/08/2005 8:58

    Greetings from Greece, Dianaq!!!
  • Dominic Falcone 10/08/2005 20:42

    Hello Dianaq
    Thanks for your comments on "cut & Coloured".
    How are you getting on with your photo editing?
    I was unable to find that article i wrote to you about the other day, I think that it may have been longer then I thought since I read it.
    However the image "no angel" was created using Layers in photoshop which is an extremely useful tool to get to know.
  • Alejandro Figola 10/08/2005 1:09

    Thanks for your comment on
    Brazilian Oyster worker
    Brazilian Oyster worker
    Alejandro Figola

    That’s exactly what I trying to say.

    I born in Argentina and now I’m working in Chile.
    Both are ‘the countries of wine…..!’,
    but I was a lucky man and enjoyed your wonderful wine travelling in California!!!!
    Regards, aff

  • Dirk Hofmann 09/08/2005 5:28

    Hi Dianaq!

    Welcome to Fotocommunity.com! Good to see you found this place, where professionals, amateurs and rookies meet to share there views of photography, show and discuss each others work.
    I hope you will find the things you were looking for when you joined and have the same fun I have since I became a member.
    Don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any questions!

  • Dominic Falcone 07/08/2005 12:03

    transforming part of an image into B&W is a fairly straitforward matter, providing that is you have some photo editing software, photoshop is the best and you dont need the full version.
    All you need do is to select the area of the picture you want to work on (in this case change from colour to B&W) and then select grayscale from the drop dowm menu, the selected area will then have lost all of its colour leaving the remaining part of the picture in full colour. Of course there are many variations on the theme. If you are interested in digital manipulation then there are several good software packages you can buy,
    and your best bet is to start there.
    Regards Dominic
  • Dominic Falcone 07/08/2005 1:04

    Hi Dianaq
    The image "no angel" was created some years ago while I was experimenting with photoshop. From what I can remember I took the sky from a shot of a sunset I had taken, and then using layers in photoshop pasted the image of the face over the sky adjusting the opacity until I was satisfied with the result. I recall that I took the basic teqnique from a tutorial in a photo mag which I may still have somewhere, if I find it I can e-mail the article to you. I will let you know first if I do find it.
    regards Dominic
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