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Living in Rome, ex-graphic designer, art director and creative director.

At present work as a commercial film director, photographer and author.

Any further information can be found at my website where examples of my photography, television commercials and books can be found.

Website: www.daviddeveson.com

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  • I R M A 27/07/2008 11:54

    I like your pictures very much!
  • de ceulaer 15/01/2008 20:35

    what for a pleasure to see your gallery (discovered through M. ERPELDING). My favorites are those from Italy and from Lamu.
    Great work
    br alain
  • Maria Simona Monti 13/01/2008 16:22

    All your photos are excellent, especially for the light!!!!!
  • Tobis Fotos 15/03/2007 10:15

    hi david,

    there are beautiful pictures in your portfolio. i will visit your site again :-)


    .: spacysunset
    .: spacysunset
    Tobis Fotos
  • Véronique Soulier 14/03/2007 22:41

    Very nice pics here on Fc, a great website : I just for this evening look to so wonderful Italy pictures,,,, be back, I'll click on buddy.. bye bye, from Switzerland ! Véronique
  • Andreas Hohl 14/03/2007 14:12

    Hi David!
    It is a pleasure to visit your website!
    I am very impressed by your work!
    I will watch your profile...
  • .moniKa.t.g. 16/02/2007 8:51


    I truly adore your African scenes. The colors, so intense, and the atmosphere you can almost touch. Great.

  • Amilcar Lages 15/02/2007 18:03

    One of the best galleries David. Great great shots.
  • Sarah D. Kiefer 09/02/2007 9:04

    i guess insomnia brings great rewards sometimes! just took a quick look at your photos and you do some outstanding work—incredible b&w and lively color in a very compelling and thought-provoking photojournailst/documentary style. i look forward to spending some more time reviewing your work and visiting your website. dramatic and evocative oevre!!
    cheers from wisconsin, usa!
    sarah k
  • Beatrice L. 26/01/2007 8:12

    Dear David
    You have a wonderful selection of picutre that I admire.
    Cari saluti, Beatrice
  • Werner Rieder 19/01/2007 22:59

    Respekt, Du machst wunderschöne Bilder!

    Herzliche Grüsse Werner


  • Volker Vontin 12/01/2007 21:12

    Dear David,
    just by chance I've discovered your portfolio and I was fascinated. I watched all of your photos not being able to tell which of all is the best or which are the best. Your portfolio is a unique presentation of photos of mankind which touches me. This doesn't happen very often in this community. My English is not as good as it should be to tell exactly what I want to say, but I hope you'll understand! Orange!
    kind regards Volker
  • Susie Q 05/01/2007 23:42

    Hi David - thank you for your latest visit - as it happens, this shot actually isn't so recent! Appreciate your interest ...
    Susie :o)
    To Sea
    To Sea
    Susie Q
  • Marc Erpelding 27/12/2006 16:26

    Dear David,
    Well the pics you show here are stunning...the composition and the backgrounds are very impressive. I put you on orange as your street pics really inspire me. Thanks.
    Kind regards,
  • Ingo Gerlach 17/12/2006 16:38

    Hi David,
    great Pictures, grandiose scenes in Lamu /Kenya. You are an excellent Photographer.

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