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I'm a Runway photographer, not great, not bad.
I needed time to explore my passion and some money to make it real.
I love to see the results when you make something of beauty–something that’s like you’re there, and you saw that light and you captured it.

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  • SteffenT 20/11/2010 14:14

    Cheers Dave.

    St Paul's Cathedral at Night
    St Paul's Cathedral at Night
  • Vera Shulga 22/07/2010 18:16

    Thank you, David,for interesting information about this camera.My father photographered many years by camera.There are many photos(and films-negatives) in our family.I was born later when he had more modern camera. but my elder sister remember that time.The camera is working, but I haven't necessary films...And it is a simple history...Best regards Vera
    my father's camera
    my father's camera
    Vera Shulga
  • Vera Shulga 01/07/2010 14:17

    Thank you,David,For your kind comment
    Vera Shulga
    Best wishes Vera
  • dirk van Appeldorn 21/06/2010 6:49

    what a great portfolio! I dont want to miss one photo!
    Guaranteed :-)
    best wishes
  • Vera Shulga 20/04/2010 15:29

    Hello David! Your photos are BEAUTIFUL!Best regards Vera
  • kai-uwe fischer 08/12/2009 10:02

    DANKE für deine nette Anmerkung
    zu meinem Foto!
  • Tad Kanazaki 06/12/2009 2:17

    Cloudy afternoon
    Cloudy afternoon
    Tad Kanazaki

    Thank you very much for your visit and comment.
    Bw Tad.
  • Fenja Sepers 16/10/2009 17:23

    Dear David,

    Is there an email address I can contact you on?
    Thanks for your respond.

  • Botond David 12/04/2009 12:50

    You have a nice galery!
  • Claire Laira 08/03/2009 9:11

    You have a fantastic portfolio...it is a great joy looking at your beautiful images!
    Let's see more!
    Kind regards, Claire
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