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I love life and photography. In my subjects I try to capture my love for life. A photographic moment is a once only moment....never to occur again and if you can capture it you have achieved something! My partner Emma and I enjoy wondering around Sydney and the Australian country side and snapping anything we think might be worth while. I especially like landscape pics and pictures of sunrise/sunset. I currently use a Sony Mavica digital cam which restricts my ability to take quality pics but will be upgrading the digital soon. I also use a Canon EOS 1000F which I have not posted any pics on here as yet.

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  • TC-Photographic 20/05/2005 14:26

    Hello Darren,
    I looked to your fotos, they are lovely. So I take you to my buddylist. I love Australie and in January 2006 I'll be back in Australia for one year. I hope to a lot of fotos from you till I be there to reduce my Australia-sickness
    Kind regard fom Switzerland
  • Tom Gregory 08/01/2005 2:13

    Hi Darren, I look forward to seeing more of your images as I kind of look at Sydney as my second home. A slight exaggeration i might add but my girlfriend and i lived there for several months back in 2002. What a truly fabulous city it is! You never get bored of wandeing around Circular quay and Darling harbour. In actual fact that is where i really got into photography. I do hope to return in the not too distant future. Bye for now.
  • Sergio Moreira 03/01/2005 23:48

    HiHo Darren & Emma (Thompson?). You are both too young but I have special feelings about Australia. When I was a young mate, in the early seventies, I used to surf and my idols were young aussies Wayne Lynch (at that time he lived in Kirra - Queensland I guess), Nat "The Animal" Young, and a krazy kalifornian who lived in Australia & used to practice kneeboarding at night with a movie camera on his sholder, his name was George Greenough! Wild, mate! I don't know if you like surf photography. Anyway in "Down under", since the early 70's, are the most "virtuoso" surfers ever, but I don't like today's surfing however - too much speed for very few beauty, creativity & fuel. Aussie music also makes my day: My preferred is Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds; he was married with P.J. Harvey (from Dorset England) who's the best singer, songwriter and guitarist of the entire God's blessed world, believe me mates!
    Be always close you both, rrrrright?
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