Danielle Thielen

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About me

This is me. I know my photos aren't very good, but I'm still quite an amateur. So I'm trying to get better. So please, give me advice, tips, anything to helpe me learn. I want to learn.

I started taking pictures when I was about 9. And I just loved it so much, I never stopped. I've always had the eye for it all. So I use what I've got.

I love landscape shots. It seems to be the one thing I'm really good at. I really enjoy taking pictures of people, I just need a lot more practice with it.

I use a Canon AE1. That's my old camera. My digital camera is a Samsung Digimax 360. I love the technique, and the entire surrounding and ora I get from developing my own film. And printing my own photos. But....I don't have the luxery of the dark room in high school anymore. So....I still use my Canon, but my digital camera is something that is just......easier, as sad as it is, it's true. So hopefully sometime soon I can get back in the routine of going to a dark room.
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