Daniela Bazzani

Free Account, Campogalliano (MO)

About me

I am a freelance medical translator but as a hobby I have always liked travelling. I have made many trips around the world without taking a picture. Two years ago a friend started to complain that I had no picture to show her, so I started to take some pictures and I found out that I have a real passion for photography. Photography has added and is still adding something to my life.

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  • nick smith 29/03/2023 2:30

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  • Pistone Bernardo 13/05/2008 21:33

    Daniela, sarebbe interessante leggerti anche in Italiano, perche´ io sinceramente L´Inglese non e´la mia lingua prediletta. cari saluti.Bernardo.PS: anch´io ho scritto nel mio profilo sia in Tedesco ma anche in Italiano.
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