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Merry Meet! I am Coffee Fae. A buddie in my Photography class told me about this site so I thought I'd give it a try. Most of my work is Posted on Deviant Art so You'll be seeing a lot of watermarks on some of my photos that will have my Profile link. I also have a Tumblr but I don't get on there much.
As I am sure you can tell my my username I Love love LOVE coffee in all it's holiness lol and I love Faeries too. I do believe in the fae and if you have a problem with that then you can just sod off. I am a Pagan and have no belief in the devil. I Love nature oh so much. My favorite place in the world is being in the woods by a creek. I am not much of a people person, I have no desire to ever do wedding photos or baby pictures or any of that nonsense. I don't mind being a waitress, I find it oddly enjoyable but besides that no thanks.
Someday I want to work for National Geographic and travel the world and have an actual meaningful purpose in my life. I dislike city life. I only just recently moved to the DFW area in Texas from a small town in Tennessee..... I am not quite satisfied with the exchange but I'm only here for the schooling. It's way cheap and way better than the crappy christian college I wasted my money on.
Yes I have two dreads and Desperately want more!

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  • Adele Oliver 20/09/2012 1:34

    Greetings and welcome to our big family. I wish you a great time here showing us your photos and looking at and finding inspiration from the images of others - and maybe you will even make some friends and get addicted to the fun :-))))
    greetings from Vancouver, Canada -
    Nature Channel Manager