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I was born in London England and emigrated to New Zealand in 1975 I first took up photography in the mid fifties when my older Brother was serving in the united nation forces In Cyprus I picked up a camera he left behind and have never put one down since I now live at Invercargil in the southern tip of NZ I have been a member of the local camera club for approx 25 years my choice subjects are portrait and anything that fits into a photojournalism context from sport to street photography etc and am always on the look out for emotive shots the MAIN reason my portraits have that PJ style to them

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I have 4 Olympus OM4 film cameras fantastic spot metering cameras With about 8 lens But I switched to digital in 2007 with a Fuji SPRO 5 which uses Fuji desygned Software this was also my first ever autofocus camera it was designed under license on the Nikon D200 so uses a Nikon lens mount my lenses are an 85mm 1.8 Nikon which i used for my 1st 3 years with digital I now have A Sigma 70-200 f2.8 and a Sigma 24-70 f2.8 i use these two most of the time these days I have photo shop CS5 and Lightroom 4.4 with most of my processing being done in LR