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I have always been interested in hearing what the world had to say without using words. What better medium that the photographic lens. Images have intrigued me for many years now and I have no greater passion than photography. As I journey through my day I find myself constantly in search of those perfect photos hidden among everyday people and everyday objects. I'm always amazed at how the most common of things, when looked at beyond the norm, reveals that must have photo. Life truly is a visual journey for me.

Years ago I started out with a used Ricoh film SLR when the bug hit me. I studied books and more experienced photographers trying to find my path. Due to the expense of developing my own film and a limited budget, I found myself subject to the whims and limitations of the local Walgreen's film developer. The more high tech photo labs were not big back then. Disillusioned, I put my hobby on the shelf for a number of years.

Introducing Digital Photography! It wouldn't be long after pro digital photography started to become more accessible to us amateurs when the itch came back. Now I had access to equipment that was more advanced, but the ability to develop my images, my way. I pinched a few pennies and ended up with a Nikon D1. As you know it's one workhorse of a camera. But limited to only 2.7 effective mega pixels, I was limiting myself to a smaller quality print size. In comes the Minolta A-2. At 8.0 mega pixels it definitely was capable of handling print size, but with a dedicated lens and few lens option, I had to let her go. Which is where I am today.

The Nikon D100 offers 6.3 effective mega pixels and as a true digital SLR, it offers the lens flexibility I need for the variety of photographic avenues I often venture down. I current shoot with a standard 28-70mm lens and an 80-210mm zoom. Both Nikkor CPU's with average speed to satisfy my needs. When money permits, I'd like to invest in a good, fast wide angle Nikkor. I'd prefer a 24mm 1.4, but will settle for 1.8. It's incredible the price difference in a couple of f-stops. But for now my investment has supplied me with the basic materials to pursue my passion and for that I'm grateful.

Cleven D.

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  • JVision 12/04/2005 17:32

    Hi Cleven,
    welcome to the fotocommunity. It's great to see you here. I wish you a lot of fun.
    Kind regards
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