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amatuer photographer, hiker, anything outdoors, single
love to travel, profile photo is just about the top of San Gorgonio Peak, 11,500 feet in San Bernadino, CA
other photos:

HI and thanks for your comments, if you see that I live in California. USA,
PLEASE send your comments in ENGLISH!!!!!!!.....PLEASE!

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  • Raymond Helfrich 16/12/2007 22:43

    Looking good, Kit!


    Your pal from FHS,

  • Julia Wahl 25/04/2007 7:03

    Hi Chris
    thanks for your nice comment :-)
    Sad to say, in over five years of living here in San Francisco, I've actually never walked across the Golden Gate Bridge! I know, it's about time!!! Just waiting for another friend to come visit me from Germany, so I'll finally do it :-)
    Hi from Norcal!
  • Magsis 23/04/2007 22:05

    Hello Chris, thanks a lot for your comment on my icy window pics, I love your sky pictures!!! i will keep track of the sun sets and dawns:)
  • Jacqueline Chay 05/05/2006 9:13

    Hi Chris, Thanks for your email re: Tarantula, hope to see more pics from you (not so scarey :p) - Glad you like my pic Regards from Oz
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