Chris Sharps

Free Account, London/Cheltenham

About me

Well, what to say.
I'm 22, I'm currently in my third year of my degree in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography from which i will be graduating in June.
I love all sorts of photography but i particularly enjoy shooting sports, travel, portraiture, aviation and i'm also now branching out into some commercial and advertising work.
I am based in London and Cheltenham but travel a lot and my photos reflect that.
I use a mixture of film and digital kit. My 35mm kit is all Canon. I use a mixture of pro and consumer bodies and mainly all L lenses. For my medium format work i currently use a Hasselblad 501cm body and a range of lenses. I also occasionally use a Mamiya 7II for more discreet photos.
I am available for commission to shoot any where in the world and my photos are available for licensing for worldwide and single image use.
Please contact me via my profile or via my email.
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