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Strictly Amateur. is our responsibility, The Image Keepers, to capture this culture, this society, this way of life, so it can be appreciated and learned from.
Oh, you won't get rich from it. But you will make a contribution to our world. Imagine, you have the capility in your hands, thru your lense, to preserve our culture as it exsists today.

Looking beyond, is one of the key ingredients in going above the "snapshot" thing. One of the things we must learn to do, is to not look at things as we see them everyday.

You spent the cash on the toy, now learn how to use it on manual instead of just using the idiot lights! :/
Start controlling your environment thru your lense.

Emotion speaks for itself. It needs nothing else.

Kind Regards

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  • Wilhelm Harlander 09/06/2005 7:15

    Servus Charles,

    ......viele Grüße aus Old Germany - Munich City !

  • Carmen Gallagher 05/06/2005 13:50

    Hi Charles, I would like to thank you for all your comments and advice on my images. It is very appreciated.

  • Josep A. Collado 16/01/2005 17:45

    Dear Charles:
    Maybe You are right. The next time that I considers a similar scene I will remember it.
    thank you
    Josep Antoni
    Un soplo de vida - A blowing of life
    Un soplo de vida - A blowing of life
    Josep A. Collado

  • Pnina Usherovitz 16/01/2005 7:40


    With regards to your comments on "The Tree" Yes, originally it was higher contrast - it is not a new picture and when I scanned it it came out this way which I decided I also liked and so used it. Maybe because I am getting older I accept and even like things of less contrast now?????? thanks for writing.
  • So- Lo 14/01/2005 12:19

    Thank you for your good feed-back. :)
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