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From Sâo Caetano do Sul , SP , Brazil

I admire the creativity in photograph .I am interested in all types of photos .I like photomontages and abtract photography .I like photos that has intense feeling , any feeling.
I use a digital creative pc-cam 880 (this camera is not good) .
I make all my shots in my home , because I have social phobia , but I will surpass this and make travel photos : D
I am grateful for finding fotocommunity

Thanks for reading my profile

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  • Tony Prower 27/05/2005 16:41

    Hi Camila
    thank you for your comments on my photo!
  • Mariusz Czajkowski 18/03/2005 19:14

    hey :]

    thx for a comment :) I really dont like winter :P snow only at christmas time ;P cya
  • Stefano Ventucci 15/03/2005 17:45

    Simply laying like a frog under this Cathedral's Portal.
    Then I modified colours, with a colder filter.
    oh - and then I draw the figure on the Roof-HeavenDoor...

    Thx for your comment!

  • Josep A. Collado 26/02/2005 9:54

    Hi Camilla!. sometimes we are no aware of a lot of things that we can make without going out of our home. Really is a world to be explored (without losing the other ones, of course!)
    Clouds at Dawn
    Clouds at Dawn
    Josep A. Collado
  • Eros Centurioni 20/01/2005 14:50

    Ciao, Congratulation for your photo from Italy
    Ciao Eros
  • Dirk Hofmann 28/12/2004 23:05

    hi kira!

    welcome to, glad to have you here!
    this community is a place to discuss your photos, talk to other enthusiasts about the hobby, find new inspiration, share your knowledge and much more ...
    you'll soon realize that there are a bunch of nice people around here, united in their love for photography ...
    i hope, you'll enjoy our community as well as i do since i became a member ... ;-)

    best wishes from el paso, tx
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